Branding Session!

Do you struggle to find photographic content to use on your website and social media pages to market your business?

When is the last time that you updated your headshot?

Would you like to have a fresh and "ready to use" collection of photos that represent you and your brand?

An M.D. Lingl Photography branding session is designed to create a unique portfolio of photos for your business marketing needs. I will create a comprehensive collection of photos for you of images that are original and consistent with your brand story.

A successful marketing campaign is built with photographic images that send a powerful message and cause the viewer to take a desired action. Your photos will shine a spotlight on your brand and engage your clients. If an enhanced brand image and increased sales is what you are after, then this branding session is for you!

I will showcase who you are, what you do, and how you solve your customer's problems. You are proud of the business that you have built. You will be proud to share these photos with clients, staff, family and friends.

Branding session photos may be used to promote your business via your website, through social media, printed media, and more.


What's Included in a Branding Session?

Every Branding session includes the following:

  • A pre-photo shoot consultation.
  • A brainstorming questionnaire.
  • A head-shot session.*
  • For up to 3 individual people.
  • On Location.
  • Up to 3 wardrobe changes per person.
  • A business branding session used to create the photos for your business marketing needs.**
  • Photos of your physical business.
  • Photos of you and your staff at work.
  • Photos of your products, services, and equipment as needed.
  • Photos that tell the story of how you solve your client's problems.
  • May take place at multiple locations.  I come to your workplace.
  • Will be scheduled to accommodate your work schedule and business hours.
    I respect your commitment to providing great customer service
  • A private on-line proof gallery. This becomes your final gallery as well.
  • A post photo reveal meeting to review and discuss your gallery of images.
  • Fine tuning of images to your specific intended uses. (cropping, formatting, etc.)
  • An unlimited number of edited high quality digital images for various marketing uses.***  
  • Digital images are available as downloads from your online gallery and on a thumb drive.
  • My experience, expertise, and cheerful disposition.      

*Head shot sessions may be expanded to include any number of team members during any one session.

     (See details in "pricing" below.)

**Branding sessions are available in a number of options based on the length of the session.

     (Branding sessions are available as 3, 5, or 7 hour sessions.)                  

***The final number of images will vary based on your needs and our pre-shoot consultation.     


What does it cost?

Business Branding session pricing

3 hour session        $899

5 hour session        $1399

7 hour session        $1799


Ala Cart Branding pricing

Headshot portrait sessions       

1 person - (3 images)              $199

2 people - (3 images each)      $269 

3 People - (3 images each)      $329        

  • 30 minutes per person.
  • On Location.
  • Pricing available for 4 or more individual people. $50 per person after the 4th individual portrait.
  • Pricing available for group photos.  Based on group size.


Refresher Business Branding sessions

3 hour session     $799

5 hour session     $1,199

7 hour session     $1,599

  • Refresher sessions are used to update existing portfolios.  


Additional personalized services are available upon request. 

Printing and framing services are also available upon request.